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Welcome to HoaxBook, The Michael Jackson Death Hoax Community

Welcome to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax Community. This website is a both death hoax and fan-based community where everything Michael Jackson can be discussed and no one will be judged for believing he might still be alive. On the other hand those who do not believe he is still alive are more than welcome as well.

From here you also have access to our death hoax investigation board. We hope you enjoy our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

With love,
Michael Jackson Death Hoax Community

  • Ange
    Ange has added a new profile photo.
    • Tue at 7:58 AM
  • leegilbert
    leegilbert yeah i had to reedit the whole thing due to windows movie maker messin it all up, so im now makin it better with sony vegas pro n shud b up in a week or so
    • April 12
    • leegilbert
      ShyBleuEyes :) Okay! looking forward to see it
      • April 13
    PYTGIRL Hello, I'm new here just wanted to wish everyone a good week :) I'm off to exploring this site lol L.O.V.E
    • April 8
      ShyBleuEyes Welcome PYTGIRL, wish you a very lovely read , it will be a exciting read i promiss
      • April 12
  • RK
    RK Welcome to all new members and hope everyone's enjoying their weekend. 
    • April 5
    • Michael's Girl likes this.
    • RK
      ShyBleuEyes yes welcome to all new members, RK like your new dog avatar.wishing you a lovely weekend aswell.
      • April 12
  • TheCyrus1
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  • Michael love
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  • leegilbert
    leegilbert Hi ALL I'm about to unleash a powerful movie documentary on the hoax, if anybody would like to contribute any videos they have made theirselves please get back to me
    • April 1
    • leegilbert
      Melchan35 Heyy, you should try looking at these 2 people I used to follow on youtube. Their accounts are CodeOfThriller and MagicalXcapism
      They made heaps of vids following the death hoax and they're really good! You should give them a watch, it will definitely help :)
    • leegilbert
      leegilbert Thanks but I literally finished the film 2 days ago and now been publishing it, it should be up on youtube by tonight, keep your eyes out for it, the title is The Michael Jackson Death Hoax Movie, my channel is lee gilbert
      • April 5
    • leegilbert
      ShyBleuEyes i have been searching for your documentary, but could not find it.
      • April 12
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