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Welcome to HoaxBook, The Michael Jackson Death Hoax Community

Welcome to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax Community. This website is a both death hoax and fan-based community where everything Michael Jackson can be discussed and no one will be judged for believing he might still be alive. On the other hand those who do not believe he is still alive are more than welcome as well.

From here you also have access to our death hoax investigation board. We hope you enjoy our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

With love,
Michael Jackson Death Hoax Community

  • michaelslady
    michaelsladyMJ is alive.: please share your findings. Im anxious to hear your theory :)
    • 55 minutes ago
  • michaelslady
    michaelslady joined the group MJ is alive.
    • 56 minutes ago
  • senna
    senna HI to everybody. I am new here. From Latvija. I must say that I dont trust he's really gone. It is very hard to me to believe it is an hoax with a deadline. He just wanted to be free from nightmares. He will not come back. Just because it could be... real...  more
    • 17 hours ago
  • oykukoparan
    oykukoparanMJ is alive.: Guys, i believe that MJ is not dead but even if he's dead there's somethin more and we can prove it if we all come together. thanks :*
    • Tue at 8:53 AM
  • oykukoparan
    oykukoparan created a new group:
    MJ is alive.
    • Tue at 8:50 AM
  • oykukoparan
    oykukoparan joined the group Messages to Michael
    • Tue at 8:47 AM
  • oykukoparan
    oykukoparan hey there! I'm new here n i really believe that MJ is not dead! Ive been doin some researchs for a long time n i wanna share these with u.
    • Tue at 8:45 AM
    • oykukoparan
      michaelslady welcome. please share what you have learned thru your research
    • oykukoparan
      oykukoparan Ok lets get started. we all know that ILLUMINATI was threatening MJ for a long time. coz he was the only one who could swamp ILLU. he had real fans like us. he had a power that could create a new world with us. a world without Illuminati, a world withou...  more
      • 12 hours ago
  • ViickJackson
    ViickJackson who is?
    • September 26
  • ViickJackson
    • September 26
  • ViickJackson
    ViickJackson Michael was an angel who helped thousands of children, would like  to see it again? 
    Michael suffered a lot in the media, Michael was in a box surrounded traitors, their only option was to get away from everything. 
    He would be visiting or observing all...  more
    • September 24
  • ViickJackson
    ViickJackson After five years, after the evidence was given through the internet, we expected more and a single response. Many wonder Michael is really alive? There is no doubt that yes, even with his death, were the strange reactions of the family. Something strange ...  more
    • September 24
  • RK
    RK Has Quincy's ego always been this over-blown?
    Quincy Jones: 'I told Michael Jackson he was weird' | Music |
    • September 22
  • ViickJackson
    ViickJackson person 2
    • September 21
  • EliisaT
    EliisaT has added a new profile photo.
    • September 18
  • nursel
    nursel merhaba
    • September 17