Elvis Presley was the King of Rock
Michael Jackson was the King of Pop
Elvis lived in Graceland
Michael lived in Neverland
One's daughter...
...became the other's wife.
Elvis' middle name was different in death than in life (Aron vs Aaron)
Michael's middle name was different in death than in life (Joe vs Joseph)
Film "This Is Elvis" released after Elvis' death
Film "This Is It" released after Michael's death
Elvis started his last concert with a 2001 space Odyssey song
Michael started his last tour (HIStory) with an MJ 2040 spaceship

In both cases the sum of the day month and year of their death is equal to the year of their concert intro.
Elvis 16 + 8 + 1977 = 2001; Michael 25 + 6+ 2009 = 2040

Elvis taped his fingers
Michael taped his fingers

Listed below are some more out of striking similarities between the Kings in both their lives and ‘deaths’:

  • Both their deaths were claimed to be drug and heart related.
  • They both died at home.
  • They were both taken by ambulance, even though already dead.
  • They both received CPR on the way to Hospital and were both declared dead at the hospital.
  • Both had a weak pulse again after CPR in the hospital before they were declared dead.
  • Both deaths led to an investigation into their doctors.
  • Both deaths were announced by family members - Elvis' by Vernon Presley, Michael's by Jermaine Jackson.
  • In both cases the personal doctor was at the scene when the EMT's arrived.
  • The bodies of both underwent two autopsies, and in both cases only one of the autopsy reports was realeased.
  • The autopsy results in both cases are questionable.
  • Both were entombed in unmarked graves. Elvis' coffin was later reburied at Graceland, Michael's tomb remains unmarked as to this day.
  • Both were entombed in guarded mausoleums.
  • Their names were not mentioned in the 911 call.
  • Both were buried in coffins that have to be preordered and were flown in from other states.
  • Belongings of both were auctioned against their will after their deaths.
  • Both were patients of Dr. Elias Ghanem, the “Las Vegas’ Doctor to the Stars”.
  • In both cases money and jewelery were missing from their homes after their deaths.
  • It's rumored that Elvis took a helicopter flight hours after his death, it's rumored that Michael Jackson took a flight from LAX hours after his death.
  • Both adored their mothers.
  • Derek Clontz has published numerous articles on allegedly finding the secret diaries of both Kings.
  • Elvis' tour manager Joe Esposito has been Michael Jackson's road manager for a short time after Elvis' death.
  • Both had received death threats and were extorted.
  • Both had foreign managers at the time of their death.
  • Both are highly interested in numerology.
  • John Branca was an attorney for the Elvis Presley Estate, and is an administrator of the Michael Jackson Estate.
Here are some more pictures that show striking similarities between the two Kings, they speak for themselves...